About Johan Schild

Johan Schild’s professional life has always kept him in the maritime industry, and his experience ranges from hands-on safety assessment to tourist entertainment to cargo negotiation to business consultation. Johan Schild’s work has also spanned the globe. When he left the Netherlands in 1965 to work for international shipping companies at various global locations, Johan Schild launched a career that has taken him to American cities, Nigeria, the Caribbean, England, and elsewhere. Throughout his professional travel, Schild continues to educate himself as a ship captain and businessman; he earned an MBA from Tulane in 1988 and has taken professional classes in London, England; Corpus Christi, Texas; St. Louis, Missouri; and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From 1965 to 1975, Johan Schild’s work included handling cargo on shipping vessels and participating in salvage and recovery operations. When he joined National Cargo Bureau in 1975, Schild expanded his repertoire to include marine surveys and the amendment of the company’s Stability Code. He then founded NauTech Marine Surveyors & Consultants. From 1977 to 1988, he conducted in-depth surveys and safety assessments of marine vessels and operations on behalf of his clients. In 1988, Johan Schild joined Thomas Pipe & Steel as COO and shifted his focus to the financial side of maritime business. While serving clients in the offshore oil and gas industry, he helped Thomas Pipe & Steel raise revenue from $15 to $25 million and increase net profits by eight percent. In the mid-1990s, Johan Schild worked as Managing Consultant for Marine & Management Consultants to provide operations, financial, and managerial counsel to maritime startups and small businesses. Before joining Marine Consultancy, LLC, where he still works as President and CEO, Johan Schild founded Steel Magnolia Charters. From 1998 to 2000, he led groups of up to 12 passengers on his 62-foot catamaran on snorkeling and salvage expeditions around the Caribbean. Johan Schild currently works with the Mooring Masters division of Marine Consultancy, where he develops and implements safety guidelines for sub-contractors. He prides himself on working well with people from various backgrounds and cultures.

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